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Why choosing Altrimex? 

Complete Packaging Line Integrations
With Altrimex, our contributions can be utilized throughout all stages of your project, from conceptual line layouts to final validation. Altrimex provides pre-integration of partial or entire packaging lines that can be built and tested at any of our global facilities. This minimizes risk, resolves integration issues, reduces downtime and startup curves, and ensures immediate success on your plant floor at installation.

Turnkey Line Integration
From feasibility studies to detailed engineering, fabrication, installation, commissioning, and training, Altrimex offers a complete range of value-added services to help you maintain a competitive edge in your respective market.

Altrimex provides pre-integration of partial or entire packaging lines, built and tested in our own or partner facilities ensuring as much as a possible vertical start-up.

Accurately predict your new packaging line performance with our proprietary packaging line simulation software. Understanding how your line layout will affect OEE enables you to optimize line layouts in the conceptual phase of the project. Altrimex simulations can help optimize machine positions and ensure total integration, which directly translates into improved line performance and OEE achievements.

Studies & Analyses
Altrimex proprietary line optimization studies can examine your present production practice to improve overall effectiveness, determine action plans for plant improvements, and identify areas of potential automation as well as integration improvements. The ultimate goal of our line optimization studies is to increase efficiencies and reduce operating costs for each packaging line in your facility.

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