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Complete solutions for unique packaging issues. We take eliminate your concerns when packing hardware, powders, liquids and tablets.

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Unique packaging needs to require unique solutions 

From packaging design and dosing technology to control moments and the final distribution. Every action is equally crucial in the long, comprehensive route a product travels from raw material to its final shelf position. This is the technically complex, challenging world in which Altrimex excels every day.

Our ambition

Unburden customers with streamlined packaging processes. And in such a way that a product ends up in the hands of the end customer in a timely, flawless and distinctive way.

Unburdening from start to completion

Every production process is different, every production environment is different. This makes almost every packaging requirement a unique issue. Altrimex understands how packaging processes work. With fifty years of experience in packaging machines, we occupy a technologically leading position.

Altrimex advises, engineers and installs. Exactly on time and within the agreed budget. Altrimex guides, provides training for operators and provides service. Up to tailor-made financing for customers who appreciate it. Our concept of unburdening.

For whom?

Clients in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and hardware industries know where to find us because we are the specialist for their sector. We are an innovative and versatile expert in hardware weighing machines, powder dosing systems, liquid filling machines and tablet and capsule counting systems.

And our customers? They demand performance and return on their investment even more than a flawlessly functioning installation. In other words: more efficiency, less operational costs and competitive advantage in their specific market. For example, on a yearly basis, we bring an average of 120 projects to a successful conclusion for a colorful palette of international customers. We can say: satisfied customers.

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