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For every product, budget and available space: Altrimex has the solution in house.

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Perfection for the eyes

The art of packaging has taken an enormous leap during the last few decades. The time that packaging was just an efficient protection of the product is far behind us. Producers are conscious of the fact that critical and innovative packaging can dramatically increase product efficiency and keep a lid on the logistics costs. And possibly even more important: packaging is an essential tool for positioning and is part of what determines the image of the brand.

It makes sense, therefore, that manufacturers have high requirements for their packaging processes. The end result must be perfect in every way. Altrimex’ strength therefore lies not only in delivering packaging machines, but especially in offering solutions; application of knowledge and synthesizing custom work modules into an efficient system. We’ve been doing this since 1973.

Turn-key packaging solutions

Altrimex takes care of your packaging problems thoroughly and expertly. From advertising, engineering, project guidance, delivery and installation right up to training your operators and continuous optimization of your lines. Our help desk facilities, trouble-shooting service and central parts warehouse are also available to you, of course. Everything is designed to help you package your products as efficiently and effectively as possible. Production loss due to a possible defect or malfunction must be kept to a minimum.

From small to large

Virtually all systems are characterized by a modular construction. In concrete terms this means: a guaranteed growth track. A semiautomatic stand-alone machine, for example, can grow into a fully automatic packaging line. Investing in an Altrimex system is therefore a responsible way of investing in the future.

For any product and any requirement

The Altrimex specialists know their machines and are familiar with all the details of the particular product specifications. One powder differs from another one, after all. And no two liquids are the same. This has consequences for the packaging process. Altrimex understands this and translates this knowledge into custom work. Whatever the product, no matter what kind of quality guarantee, trace-recall registration or link with automating systems you desire: Altrimex can hand you the solution. There are good reasons why Altrimex serves clients all over the world in the hardware and plastic, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, as well as the cosmetics and food sectors.


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