Efficient and modular structured packaging machines

Stand-alone packaging machines and complete packaging lines. Suitable for weighing, filling, dosing, counting, sealing, labelling etc.

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Reliable and durable packaging machines

Altrimex has been a supplier of packaging machines that enable you to produce reliably and at low costs for many years. Our range of machines consists of dosing systems, filling machines, counting, and weighing systems.

Our strength not only lies in delivering machines, but especially in offering complete solutions; application of knowledge and synthesizing custom work modules into an efficient system. For every product, budget and available space: Altrimex has the solution in-house. That is why hundreds of customers worldwide in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and hardware sectors have been using Altrimex services and products for almost 50 years.

Almost all our packaging machines are characterized by their modular structure. In concrete terms, this means the guarantee of a growth path. For example, a semi-automatic stand-alone machine can grow into a fully-automatic packaging line. Investing in an Altrimex system is therefore responsible investment in the future.

Discover our range of packaging machines 


 Linear weighers
◾  Multi-head weighers

Powders en granulates

  Volumetric dosing systems
 Servo controlled dosing machines with a scale
 Inline filling systems
 Rotating filling machines


 Systems for setting up bottles
 Semi-automatic filling systems
 Linear filling machines
 Rotating filling and closing systems

Tablets and capsules

 Counting systems with vibration bowl
 8 channels counting systems
 12 channel counting systems

Packaging machines for closing, sealing, labelling and end packaging

After dosing and filling, the packaging is first closed. Altrimex offers the right closing machine for each product, each closing method and each production environment. Whether it is a screwed, rolled or pressed lid, in cylindrical or tailored shape, no matter what kind of material. Whether your product is liquid, pasty, or solid, sensitive or aggressive. Each type of packaging must be recognizable to the consumer in a unique way. Aside from the marketing thoughts behind this identification, legislation and quality control also always play a significant role. Finishing options vary, from applying a single pre-printed label to high-speed printing and coding. Control systems are available, which immediately check for unicity. Thus you can guarantee 100% traceability.

Although a certain image is important for the product packaging, the product must reach the consumer in good condition and it is important that the transport can happen efficiently and safely. Altrimex likes to assist you from the beginning stages with your decisions and ultimately ensure the right machine for you.


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