Frequently asked questions

1) General

Altrimex designs, supplies and installs packaging machines up to and including complete packaging lines for hardware, powders, granulates, liquids, tablets and capsules and general cargo. These packaging machines and dosing machines are mainly used in the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, (petro) chemical industry, construction industry and supplements market.

In addition, Altrimex offers complete care from design, installation, maintenance up to and including financing of equipment.

Depending on your product and desired packaging, we have in-house specialists. Internally, we are not so much organized by market but mostly by product type. The method of feeding, dosing and packaging is very product-dependent, regardless of the industry where it is processed. The most direct way for you is:

◾ Hardware | Twan van Gaal

◾ Powder and granules | Lucas Smiggels (Sales representative) and Paul Debeij (Office Sales)

◾ Liquids | Henny Lurvink (Sales representative) and Henk Hessels (Office Sales)

◾ Tablets and capsules | Lucas Smiggels (Sales representative) and Paul Debeij (Office Sales)

◾ Spare Parts | Leon Zwitserloot

◾ Service engineers | Eric Smeets

◾ Service contracts |  Twan van Gaal

◾ Financing & Leasing | Michael Staudt

Depending on the type of machine, the delivery time can vary greatly. In most situations, the delivery time is coordinated during the advice and sales process. Stand-alone and semi-automatic machines are partly in stock in our showroom or warehouse. This allows us to respond quickly to (urgent) demands from the market. Often this solution is used as a rental or temporary option to bridge the delivery time. For specific questions, please contact our sales department.

We can provide you with the correct documentation for all machines purchased from us.

2) Altrimex Aftersales

It is always possible to conclude a service contract for your machine or complete packaging line. The basic contract provides for:

 Standard inspection visit (s) where the frequency is determined in mutual consultation.
 Discounts on parts
 Priority for error messages
 Periodic maintenance

We always try to coordinate the time in consultation with you. The circumstances en route and the travel distance must be taken into account. Special wishes regarding the start of the work are always negotiable.

The basic warranty applies for a period of 6 months after delivery and a maximum of 2,000 operating hours on parts with the exception of wear and tear parts. Different agreements can be made during the sale of your project or when concluding a service contract.

All basic parts are available for your machine as standard and can be delivered at short notice. Customer-specific parts can be part of the service contract or produced on request. In all cases you can contact our spare parts department.

Our spare parts department can deliver most parts from stock. For specific information, please contact our spare parts department.

With high production pressure, urgent transport can be organized whereby your parts can be delivered directly and directly to you from our warehouse in Helmond within the same day after ordering.

For the visits of our technicians, we use standard rates that can be found here.

Standard service cases have been developed for each machine group that our technicians take with them during the appointment. If the preliminary investigation, possibly in combination with an inspection visit, has already shown which parts are required, these will be organized for the visit. If you want / can replace the parts yourself, we will ensure that they are delivered to you.

Do you have a question that is not included in the above list? Don't hesitate to contact us! 

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