Dosing systems and filling machines for powders and granulates

Suited for powders & granulates from 0.5 grams to 25 kg. Filling in cans, bags, boxes, or buckets.

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Dosing systems and filling machines for powders and granulates 

Altrimex offers a wide range of dosing systems and filling machines for the powder industry. Weights from milligrams up to 25 kg can be processed with great precision and delivered in any desired packaging, such as in bags, cans, pots, buckets or boxes. You can choose between manual or semi-automatic dispensing, no matter what kind of dosing or speed you would like. Altrimex engineers are willing to discuss the options with you.

Almost all our packaging machines are characterized by their modular structure. In concrete terms, this means the guarantee of a growth path. For example, a semi-automatic stand-alone machine can grow into a fully-automatic packaging line, where several techniques come together.


In addition to dosing and filling systems, we also supply

 Set-up systems
Closing machines (cappers and bag sealers)
Induction sealers
Labeling systems
 Collection systems

A packaging line for powders delivered by us 

Many years of experience

Altrimex’ experience with packaging of, for example, spices, baking ingredients and food additives, chocolate sprinkles, muesli and lectin has contributed to the ongoing development of industry-specific designs. Clients in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry also see Altrimex as an expert partner in, for example, dosing and packaging herbicides, rodenticides, cleaning products, veterinary powders or lactose.

Several references in your industry

More information? 
Would you like to know more about our complete packaging solutions in the area of powders and granulates? Our experts are happy to help you find the right solution for your unique installation. Please contact us today and ask for Lucas Smiggels (Sales Engineer) or Paul Debeij (Sales Support Engineer).

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Altrimex | Pouch forming, filling and sealing
Altrimex | Pouch forming, filling and sealing
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