Hardware packaging machines

Stand-alone packaging machines and complete packaging lines for hardware in the range from 10 gram to 25 kg. Suited for nails, bolts, nuts, rings and screws.

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Hardware Packaging machines 

Since 1973, Altrimex has been offering complete integrated solutions for hardware packaging. Our weighing and counting systems are the heart of your packaging line.Altrimex solutions are used worldwide in the construction, automotive, DIY and other industries.

Our solutions are based on proven techniques and custom-made for your specific products and requirements. This offers the highest high accuracy, combined with the most suitable packaging. We listen, analyse and think along with you, taking into account your budget, field of operation and wishes. Based on our many years of experience, we will put together the most efficient solution for you and ensure all components are perfectly aligned. Because we design everything ourselves, interoperability is guaranteed – even when you scale up, modify or expand your packaging system.


From set-up to final packaging, Altrimex has the solution

Everything is possible: from putting together plano boxes to closing and palletising. You quickly and easily enter the desired weight. Products are then fed in, weighed, counted and placed in the packaging of your choice. If desired, these packages can be placed in outer boxes or crates and palletised. Here you see a video of a hardware packaging line delivered by us.

All our packaging machines are assembled from high-quality European components that are compliant with all required certifications. These robust machines are specifically designed to process tough, heavy hardware products. Solutions may combine different manufacturers’ machines, with Altrimex acting as your central point of contact! From advice with no strings attached to (preventive) maintenance and financing.

Dosing is at the heart of every packaging line. In the field of hardware, this is done by using the following techniques:  

  • Linear weighing
  • Multihead weighing
  • Counting

Integrated total solutions for hardware packaging

Once you have ordered your packaging machine, our Project Engineer will guide you through the entire process from design, construction and testing to installation and commissioning. This ensures your solution always meets your specifications and requirements.

Our specialist team of field service engineers provide customised installation and service. Our service contracts guarantee optimal availability and efficiency of your machines. We can even offer you a 24/7 service option: you will receive a personal emergency number and can reach our people day and night.

Spare parts can be provided rapidly. We keep most replacement items in stock at our central warehouse in the Netherlands, and can often deliver them within one working day. What’s more, we can help develop customised financing concepts.

A responsible investment for the future

We optimise your entire packaging process, focusing on increasing the reliability and efficiency of your equipment. In doing so, we focus on building in growth opportunities. By making smart use of overcapacity and taking a modular approach, we can increase production facilities capacity. For example, we can further automate your process or double the capacity of a packaging line at a later date. In this way, a semi-automatic module, such as a standalone linear weigher can be expanded with an electromagnet and an automatic cartoner, for example, to create a fully automatic hardware packaging line.

Fifty years of knowledge and experience in the hardware industry 

In addition to a wealth of experience and technical knowledge, Altrimex has extensive insight into how packaging processes work, through close cooperation with customers and suppliers. We always solve problems and never shy away from criticism. We would rather not sell a solution than sell a Specifying, building, installing and commissioning packaging lines is our core business; it’s our passion. We will be happy to work out the right packaging solution for you.

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More information?
Would you like to know more about our total solutions for weighing and hardware packaging? Our experts are happy to help you find the ideal solution for your unique installation. Contact us today and ask for Twan van Gaal.

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