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The story of Altrimex 

In 1973 the founder of Altrimex, Richard Staudt, started selling weighing systems for the hardware industry. With a single machine on a trailer, he successfully convinced potential customers in the Benelux and Germany of the advantages of his (our) company. Soon the product range grew from separate weighing systems to complete packaging lines for hardware and piece goods. About three years later, Altrimex introduced the first dosing systems for powders and granulates, followed by liquid filling machines, labeling systems, closing machines, and sealing systems. Today, Altrimex is an international supplier of complete packaging solutions to renowned companies in the hardware and plastics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food industries.

Infographic of Altrimex history

Altrimex makes a visible contribution to the efficiency of the packaging process. Key concepts in our services are expertise, flexibility, efficiency and quality. Thanks to strategic alliances with our partners and cooperation with specialized and internationally renowned machine builders, all our solutions are characterized by innovative power, high efficiency and reliability and a very low cost of ownership.

Altrimex wants to maintain its leading position in the market of dosing, filling and packaging machines and to further expand it through continuous innovation and quality control. The perfect combination of knowledgeable, committed employees on the one hand and the high quality of the delivered equipment on the other mean that we offer tailor-made total solutions. Altrimex takes the wishes and requirements of the customer and his product as a starting point. Separate machines and complete lines including all peripherals are custom-designed, built and adapted.