Powders and granulates

For 40 years, Altrimex has provided a wide range of high quality efficient dosing and packaging machines for virtually any industry, varying from a few milligrams to 25 kg, with speeds from semiautomatic to 300 fills per minute.

In addition to applications in the food and chemical industries, Altrimex has emerged in recent years as a specialist and market leader in the specialized field of the pharmaceutical industry. Dosing and filling can be done into jars, cans, buckets, bags, either semi-automatically or fully automatically, or integrated in automatic packaging systems.

Altrimex’s extensive knowledge and experience with various products such as spices, baking goods and food ingredients have led to specifically adapted models for the different industries. Therein lies our added value.

 G6RD3326 suiker

Altrimex is not only seen as an expert partner in the food industry, but also in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, for example for dosing and packaging of herbicides, pesticides, rodenticides, as well as pharmaceutical and veterinary powders and granulates.