The After Sales department consists of a technical inside service, a technical outside service and the parts warehouse, with service-minded employees who are always ready to help.

After Sales is responsible for:

  • Installation, commissioning and training
    Our technicians take care of the assembly and installation of your machine. They will work with you to prepare the line for use and to train the operators.
  • Fault repair helpline
    For the rapid resolution of technical faults, Altrimex offers a helpline 24 hours per day. This gives you direct contact with one of our specialised technicians to get your packaging line operational again as quickly as possible.
  • Online IT service
    Depending on your equipment, it is possible to use a data connection to check your machine and to resolve any malfunctions remotely.
  • Service on location
    Altrimex can offer you various forms of service contracts. Depending on the contract form and your location, it may be possible to send a service technician to you the same day, minimising your still-stand.
  • Direct supply of spare parts
    Altrimex After Sales supplies spare parts from its central warehouse in theNetherlands. In eighty percent of cases, these can be delivered within 24 hours in Europe and within three business days (excluding customs clearance) outsideEurope. With our worldwide network of agents, various parts can also be delivered directly on site. In addition to the delivery of parts upon request, a standard spare parts package is available for every machine.
  • Periodic maintenance
    Periodic maintenance is vitally important for your packaging line. The recommended maintenance schedule will be discussed during installation.
  • Optimisation and revision
    Ensuring that your packaging line and operating system are always up to date helps to prevent still-stand, guarantees efficiency and extends the lifespan of your equipment. This gives you maximum returns on your investment. If optimisation is no longer enough, revision work can breathe new life into your machine line.