Altrimex aims to maintain its leading position in the market for dosing, filling and packaging machinery and to expand further through continuous innovation and quality control.

The perfect combination of skilled, passionate employees on one side, and the high quality of our equipment on the other, means that we can offer complete custom solutions. Altrimex takes the wishes and requirements of customers and their products as a starting point. Separate machines and entire lines including all the peripheral equipment are completed and modified to meet specific customer demands.

Altrimex makes a demonstrable contribution to the efficiency of the packaging process. Key words for our services are expertise, flexibility, efficiency and quality. Through the strategic alliances with our partners and the cooperation with specialised and internationally renowned machine makers, all our solutions are characterised by innovative strength, high efficiency and reliability, and a very low cost of ownership.

Because the efficiency of a packaging process is closely related to how it is used, Altrimex also provides training via Altrimex After Sales as well as periodic maintenance, and it supplies Service Level Agreements that are tailor-made for the specific situation. The After Sales service is set up for a minimum of production loss in the unlikely event of a malfunction.